I do believe that when doing something for others does something good for you, too. Today November 29, 2019.. I am rushing to get back to office from my studies.. I didn’t know that I left my company phone there. I just realized it when i’m home already. I honestly don’t know my number. I am also worried to lose the company phone because that’s not mine.. and more worried about the files inside. When i am in the office I received a message from my classmate.. It was good news. That my phone is safe and sound!!

Third week of November

The extension building from printing shop will take you at-least 45mins by walking and I was at the entrance that time.. I see familiar photo and plates. Since I know who is it I simply get it, and remove the label.

When i reached my room, I look for my classmate and return it to him. He was glad. He doesn’t know that he lost it until I return it to him. He said I badly needed it to submit to our department club. “Again Salamat he said”

Now he is returning the favour!

Helping people in a little way will always return.

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