Parents Now aDays

After reading from Philstar post, I feel sad. Very saddened.. I remember way back then when i was at young age. I honestly live with my grandmother she’s very strict. Like I am living under a world war II yes. That’s how she is. My mother is a second in disciplinarian, Our grandma is the the “superior” for disciplining us. How terror. Yet we grow up with a kind heart and see the world fairly even when it hurts.

What is the connection of my grandma to this Topic? To the teacher? Ohh well.. I also experience having a terror teacher. From grade 1 to grade 6.

I was also punished by a teacher, and WE DIDN’T COMPLAIN either our parents. What our parents say? You are being disciplined. “Study harder and listened to them. My Grandamother said that if you too much pamper a child “You cant controlled them. No One”

Honestly those way of teacher that time is very effective most students are learning not just in the academic but most of all the “RIGHT ETHICS

I experienced squat, and facing the wall /board the entire time, running the quadrangle when i am late.. I wasn’t behave that time.. you know kids. My parents is not that “Kunsintidor” So I do that at school. (so pasaway right)

Every 6pm we lead the prayer without looking at the book. We easily memorised it after them. We recite prayers and novena without looking at it , using four dialect.(Bicol,Visaya,Ilongo and Filipino) This task is very hard..That’s very hard for us.. because we know nothing but playing. Some of our friends are still playing that time. But 6pm for us is recitation.

Parent also punished me/(us) . Not just that, after school our parents always check our bag, they check our notebook if we write something on it. After checking they will ask you about the lesson. I feel like having a quiz insidehome after school. That’s only level 1.

If you give them a wrong answer. You are not allowed to play. You will be having a brief lesson with them and after that.. You will do the dishes.

There’s more. When my parent’s has a visitor. You as kid not allowed to play in front of them. You are not even allowed to play outside. You are not allowed to ask for money in front of them with the visitor.

The punishment is scarier.. when the visitor is off.

What we do?

We get a book and study in front off them. Or inside closed door. You may find it funny but that’s true.

When we get a bad grade, our parents take time to study with us with a hanger. Nope dos por dos!!

They don’t stop until you learned. When you improve-Their were no reward that time but playing outside freely with time limit still. That’s only reward we had that time.

What parent’s do now a days? Most of their time goes to work, business. No time for guiding their kids, They give everything they want. (not all ofcourse)

How and what do kids does now a days at 6pm? I bet, only few pray for that time.

And when a children being discipline by their teacher, they easily report to media or posting it to social media. How does it helps?

Now a days there is law. No Home work policy House Bill 388

This current issue. I honestly don’t like the Show of Raffy Tulfo. I watched his show once only i am not sure if 2016 or 2017. as well as him.

Raffy is being too much for this Teacher.. revoking her license without due process of law by his show, with his hands.

Not knowing the entire story! unfairly injusticed.

It takes time and sacrifice to pass the LET exam, yet it will revoke in just less than an hour. That’s too unfair of you Mr. Raffy Tulfo! The justice isn’t in your hand.

Innocent people admire you for that show because you help them. What innocent people don’t know is that you are also BIAS. They don’t see that side, What they know is that you are a hero. That’s why they keep running to you. And i do hate that part. They forget that they have a goddamn police. People just relying only on what they see. Just like you do relying on a CCTV.

PS: I still do respect those teacher who punished me. No more No less!

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