My Name is Flora you can simply call me Flor. I live in a province of Albay. I love travelling. (I prepare my own i.t)

I am a volunteer. When i have free time i use to join the event. We have monthly event for outreach for kids away from cities. If don’t have time but not in a  good mood to go to work.. i use to leave and join the outreach.

A good woman. Not perfect either.

Birth date: January 19

I love reading random genre and Manga.

I write inspirational poem and stories

Sports: Badminton/ Volleyball

Pastime: I do Sketching, Embroidering, writing and Gardening.

I am currently studying Architectural Drafting a 29 year old freshmen! (2019-Present) 😛

Doraemon is my weakness

Things that makes me irritate/hate: 

When you pick  any flower/orchids
Probably war.
Repeating what i already said
I hate waiting You better wait for me..instead
Without checking Answer me correctly and accurate
that make sense
Don’t tell me what to do I do listen, but not all the time.
Unconnected I really say “HARD NO“.  When you don’t remember me at all and
just remember when you are at
Borrowing. Do not fold,write any of my shit
things I own.
Stalking I hate that when people ask, When you will get married?.
Ooohh damn.. I dunno either.
the night is still young..
I hate liar.
I hate me too. For being gorgeous and imperfect
Not Open minded
Smug. Arrogant. I will going to patay you.
Blaming.  I will gonna patay somebody na.
Unorganize Stuff But not hating doing messy job.

PS: I am not here to seek romance