About Flor

My Name is Flora you can simply call me Flor. I live in a province of Albay. I love travelling. (I prepare my own i.t)

I am a volunteer. When i have free time i use to join the event. We have monthly event for outreach for kids away from cities. If don’t have time but not in a  good mood to go to work.. i use to leave and join the outreach. I don’t just hike without a purpose, either run. 

I am a good woman. Not perfect either. I have too many things that i didn’t know. But i am trying and working of those weaknesses.  

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Birth date: January 19

I love reading books and Manga.

Sports: Badminton/ Volleyball

Pastime: I do Sketching, Embroidering, writing and Gardening I love flowers. 

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Drafting Student



PS: I am not here to seek romance

Things that makes me irritate/hate: 

1) When you pick  any flower/orchids in my garden without telling me first.  I work hard to plant and calmly waiting for them to show their flowers. I water it.. i dig it.. i trim.. you know how hard it is.. Imagine you are still working under the sun doing things you love. and you just pick it without knowing me. This is war..  YOU know if you want it. Ask me . I am that kind to share it.  but I am not helping you to pick the flowers.. it break my hearts.  ill be giving you the plant you wanted i want you to dig it by yourself. See Im a really nice. ☺

2) If you are talking to me, I want you to look at me.. that way i could feel at least you are listening.  Not just to me but to all people out there. don’t you know why.. that way you are respecting them.

3)I hate that when i am talking over phone, you keep talking also. (Please wait)

Yay.. i have many thing to tell hahaah that i hate!!

4) Check it first. I hate those people when i ask how is it going there, and they answer me without even checking it first. When i ask you. I want you to check first to avoid war..

5) Don’t tell me what to do for your own benefits .
I hate people telling me to visit their site without reading any of my shitted mind-work..(I do read randomly.If the content is good i hit the star button, plus ill make sure to make them at least smile in a little way)

6) Unconnected. I hate when people don’t know how to ask “how are you”?. And When they ask. it’s about one thing they need a money from you. Common good connection with people can help us better. don’t talk only when you needy and hopeless. That thing makes me say.. aww you damn shit. You cant baby me.
I dunno why some people forget those friends when they are dancing and singing over the clouds.. you know they will call only when they are under their shittyness.
(This human thing makes me sad because i experience it.) This help me to say ” HARD NO”. 

7) Borrowing. If you borrowed a book from me, I don’t want you to fold any page of it either writing your shit. (PS. i used to borrow books also but i never fold any page of it because i want to return in a good condition. and I want to borrow again for more.) If you do that the same We have a good deal. ❤ 

8) Planning. I hate when i organized a plan you are such a good drawing man.. Don’t you know how hard planning the event. (If you are planning to cancelled it or withdraw your participation because of work or emergency or whatsoever personal reasons. That’s okay.  Just lemme know ahead of time not on the time of event.  That’s frustrating. We can’t avoid the emergency matters but please be kind enough just let me know ahead of time. ☺

9) Stalking..I hate that when people ask, When you will get married?.
Ooohh damn.. I dunno either. the night is still young i’m just 28..

10) I hate liar.

11) I hate me too.

12) Not Open minded. I hate people who are not willing to learn. They just keep on complaining.. common out of my way.

13) Smug. Arrogant. Mayabang. Pero walang naman talagang ipagyayabang. Mahangin.  I hate those who didn’t know how to say sorry/ admit that they are wrong.

14) I hate blaming. 

15) I hate messy things. But not hating doing messy job.

Hmm.. I think i miss something here.. alright Ill be updating it when i remember.