At my worst♫♪

I’m not perfect, but I hope you see my worth,

I need somebody who can love me at my worst.

I’m feeling good every time I watched my defeated games. I think I win too. I learned day by day. So in my life as well.

Kindness returns

I do believe that when doing something for others does something good for you, too. Today November 29, 2019.. I am rushing to get back to office from my studies.. I didn’t know that I left my company phone there. I just realized it when i’m home already. I honestly don’t know my number. I am also worried to lose the company phone because that’s not mine.. and more worried about the files inside. When i am in the office I received a message from my classmate.. It was good news. That my phone is safe and sound!!

Third week of November

The extension building from printing shop will take you at-least 45mins by walking and I was at the entrance that time.. I see familiar photo and plates. Since I know who is it I simply get it, and remove the label.

When i reached my room, I look for my classmate and return it to him. He was glad. He doesn’t know that he lost it until I return it to him. He said I badly needed it to submit to our department club. “Again Salamat he said”

Now he is returning the favour!

Helping people in a little way will always return.

Word of The Day: Semicolon

We are the Author of our lives. We are what we do. Doesn’t matter how much we failed. As long as we can still open our eyes. We can do more better than yesterday. Or yet do the same mistakes-for us to make it clear- and not doing it again!- We must go on! KEEP GOING! Do not end your life. As semicolon; Semicolon use not to end a sentence, but at least make a pause or a little break (in life we can also pause/break do not stop) and we must choose to go on and live.

Have a powerful-day ahead!

Love- Flor