360Words: Distant Love

Distant Love

Summer and most of my friends are going to vacations with their families.. I am bit jealous about it. Instead of enjoying my summer i rather choose to help my untie in her bakeshop.

She provide me of everything i need. She loved me as her own daughter.

She left me in the bakeshop and went home to take some rest. After an hour suddenly the rains pour the streets.. I enjoy watching the raindrops in the wall mirror of the bakeshop. It runs slowly and gently. I was completely hypnotised with it.. and feeling sleepy.

Phone beep.
"Text Message"

Honey... how are you today?
Always take care of yourself.
I love you Always.
Remember that.

The rain didn’t stop.. I feel differently.. i feel very uncomfortable.. strange feeling, I don’t know why i feel this way.. i feel sad and tearful.. but i am okay.. i’m not feeling sick. but i feel weak. I can completely move fine. Why in this world i feel this?! I ask myself..

I shake my heads to stop thinking about my weird feelings.. i’m about to close the bakeshop. When a kid appears say’s

I LOVE YOU always! I feel happy now and smile back to her, I can’t resist not to smile back too.

I think, I see that smile before and i can’t remember when, where, and who.. She is very lovely.

I pick up my phone and put it into my bag. with that kid, I temporarily forget my random weird feelings.. i feel better..

A lot’s of people look at to me with their sad eyes some of them want to talk..but i just keep on walking. I feel the feeling i feel before at bakeshop and i can’t help it now..

I feel very weak and lifeless.. They hug me.. What’s going on i ask..and my heartbeat change…. I don’t understand..

Someone became brave to talk to me. Your untie just past away..she said.

I totally can’t hear them..

I lost.. my world stops.. I can’t describe it. I was surrounded with darkness and loneliness.

How could this be.. Why her.. I shouted inside my head..

PS: Short Story present 360words. including the Title.. It is all written fictionally and use fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual event, places, people are all coincidental.

May 2019