MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD – 2nd Nomination 🏅🏆

Second Nomination.. Yaaay.. I really i didn’t expect this coming I would like to Thank Miss Jessica Larsen for my second nomination. I am truly honour. Honestly i really love this.. it reminds me of my high-school days the “slambook”.. I love doing my slambook during that time.. i love reading their thoughts. 😀

Visit Miss Jessica click the link below ↓ She is a truly an artist!,. She is also kind and a good friend to me. Multi-Talented ano pa ba.. That’s my Kababayan!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Special thanks to Okoto Enigma at 

For creating this incredible and beautiful award. Thank you again Otoko Enigma!!

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Three Things About Flor:

  1. I am afraid of Dark. Under water only. I am swimmer. Maybe not too good at all. I do dive and love doing cliff diving. But when i am under water and i see rocks that covered with dark.. i use to stop.. I really don’t dive all alone above 30ft. Janaury 29, 2017. We have outreach in Dolores Quezon, We called it Apple project. We bring lots of apple for those kids who haven’t taste yet an Apple. The cave is one of our side-trip. I use to dive in Dolores Quezon to their famous sacred cave in their town. (Not all required to do it) They call it Ina nang Awa Cave(Mother of Pity Cave). I challenge myself, but of course i ask back up for emergency cases.. The cave is very cold inside around 15 degrees approximately.. We use to dive at 6am.. Only 3 person allowed to go inside the door of cave is very small only one person can go inside one by one. I dive fearlessly. the cave is covered with darkness.. and i close my eyes .. i can’t see either when i open it. I survived for the first attempt.. After i dive my whole body slowly shaken.. i thought maybe because of temperature.. I tried again.. Yes.. because i really don’t know why i am afraid of dark..
    I really don’t . When i see it.. there is something randomly playing inside of my mind and i can’t help it. I see it visually.. inside of my imagination. I am a lil brave this time. So i try again. This time I pray wholeheartedly calmly. The pressure is really different. It’s really hard. Because aside that given dark inside. The space is bit challenging. The cave is 50ft inside only candle lighten up the cave. Every volunteer that will give a try to go inside require to pray. That’s their belief and for safety also. and so i am. It takes me 30mins to dive again for second time around my friend are really worried about me.. they told me to stop. But i don’t listened. I still go. I really don’t understand myself that time why.. and where did i get the courage to do it again i can’t remember either. All i know is conquer and embrace my phobia. After praying I dived, this time i open my eyes. I witness how really dark it is. It’s really different from my first attempt. I cried after my second dive. I cried silently. Our guide notice me shaking and heard my cracking voice. Those tears isn’t really fear at all. I was Happy. The Darkness filled with strange feeling it was kind of healing. I don’t feel the fear and doubt that time. The cave has its wonderful stories behind darkness. It heals me. It helps me. The town for me is full of mystery inside.
Click By: Me
Click By: Sir Pong Andaya

Click By: Sir Pong Andaya
Credit to Sir Pong Andaya

Credit to Sir Pong Andaya

2. I sing when i am sad. Sometimes i use to rent the whole room for videoke just to cry. while singing. (Yeah weird but it helps me it feels good) I don’t recommend you to try it. For professional only!! 😛 hahah!!

3. I love beer Q

Best Post:

Answering Jessica Questions

What’s the best fantasy or Scifi movie you’ve ever seen?

*I recently watch John Wick 1 and 2, How to Train your Dragon and Stand by me.

Love or Money? And why?

*Money.. I love to travel… Love will comes maybe soon.. I don’t mind this time. There are many kind of Love. I am a volunteer love is there. But money.. Is really hard to find than love of my life.. hahahah!!! 😀

What’s your ideal lover?

Must know how to pack less. A budgetarian and wise.

Are you willing to travel out to another solar system knowing that you’ll never return to Earth ever again?

Nah. I wont go all alone.

My Questions:

  1. Mom or Dad?

2. What is your favorite holiday? How do you spend it?

3. How do you survive your Math Class? Who is your saviour?

4. What do you buy with your 10-Billion dollar using your first letter of your name?

5. What is your hilarious alibi when you caught by someone else?

My nominees

Miss Steffi

Dr. Perry MakeItUltra™ Psychology

Michael Ogazie

I am not sure either if they wanted too.. but i’m hoping. hehehh!! Powweeer!!


Happy Birthday Daisy and Riza 💝 🎂 💕

Today April 24, 2019 We have two celebrant for this week!! Yaayys!!

Happiest Birthday to you both!! Daisy and Riza, These two girls aren’t just a friend and best friend to me, but Sisters. They are really a complete package! Beauty and brains i dunno why we meant to meet each other!! I think i wasn’t belong with them at all! But no-I beg to disagree,—
😂 .

Almighty father meant to cross our path. We share countless moments of fun, singing, dancing, acting, drinking, eating.. ooh well crying time!! I really love talking with these two creatures. I can’t express myself how much i adore them. Maybe because i only have one sister and i am looking for more. I am really Blessed to have you guys in my circle! Thank you for always being kind!!

I love you two!! Cheeeeeers for more crazy time 😂 😂

God Bless you both!!!


Mang 💕💕💕

Pray with me.

Please pray with me.. Yesterday (April 22, 2019) we have experience earthquake.
When 6.1 earthquake struck the Philippines. Hope Everyone is safe. Let us pray for Philippines.

Please keep safe.

A prayer for after an earthquake

Lord, at times such as this, when we realize that the ground beneath our feet is not as solid as we had imagined, we plead for your mercy. As the things we have built crumble about us, we know too well how small we truly are on this ever-changing, ever-moving, fragile planet we call home. Yet you have promised never to forget us.

Do not forget us now. Today, so many people are afraid. They wait in fear of the next tremor. They hear the cries of the injured amid the rubble. They roam the streets in shock at what they see. And they fill the dusty air with wails of grief.

and the names of missing dead. Comfort them, Lord, in this disaster. Be their rock when the earth refuses to stand still, and shelter them under your wings when homes no longer exist. Embrace in your arms those who died so suddenly this day. Console the hearts of those who mourn, and ease the pain of bodies on the brink of death.

Pierce, too, our hearts with compassion, we who watch from afar, as the poorest on this side of the earth find only misery upon misery. Move us to act swiftly this day, to give generously every day, to work for justice always, and to pray unceasingly for those without hope. And once the shaking has ceased, the images of destruction have stopped filling the news, and our thoughts return to life’s daily rumblings,

let us not forget that we are all your children and they, our brothers and sisters. We are all the work of your hands

For though the mountains leave their place and the hills be tossed to the ground, your love shall never leave us, and your promise of peace will never be shaken. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Blessed be the name of the Lord, now and forever


-Catholic Relief Service

This is Anchor Skysuites in Binondo Manila. That’s a water of swimming pool.
I do not own the video. Credit to rightful owner.

April 2019

There will be Sunshine Always!! Keep Praying

April 2019

Read for more. Source CNN Philippines


Minsan habang ako’y nasa tabi.
Kabilogan ng Buwan at malamig ang gabi.
Anong merun sayo binibini?
Akoy iyong napangiwi,
Binihag mo, aking sandali.

Kinabukasan, hindi ako mapakali,
Nais kitang makitang muli.
Kaya ako nagbakasali.
Lumuwas nang plaza,
At nagsimba.
Tanaw kita, naka bistida.

Pintig nang puso ko’y hatid ay Ligaya,
Mga paang di maka-hakbang.
Dahil naka abang ang iyong mga magulang,
Akoy nag dahan dahan,
Masilayan ka lang O hirang.
Anong saklap ng aking nadarama,
Bibig ko’y di ko mabuka,
Ng nasilayan ang iyong ganda.
Ako’y namangha at napa-nganga’t mukhang tanga.
Lumingon ka’t, Biloy mo’y gumuhit,
Ramdam ko ang kiliti ng Langit.

Ooh.. kay sarap ng umaga, magaan at masaya,
Dahil sayo sinta.
Pasensya na ako’y natorpe talaga.
Babawi ako, at yun ang mahalaga.

Nais kong yayain ka sa luneta,
Subalit kulang aking pera.
Tara gusto mo ba sa perya?
May dala akong barya
Sapat na para tayo’y sumaya.
Pumayag ka lang sinta.
Hwag mag alala, di ako manyak.
Hindi ako mag-dadala ng alak.

Ako’y umakyat sa
hagdan na payak,
Kabado ngunit may galak.
Na makita ang iyong magulang
Nag-manong walang humpay,
Sa kanilang mga kamay.
Matapos ang pag usapan,
Kahoy kinabukasan aking sinibak
nag igib ng tubig pang imbak.
Ramdam ko ang iyong suporta’t pagmamahal,
Hindi man ito lantaran.

Kaakibat nang pagsusumikap,
Ikay ngayon ang aking kayakap.
Kay gaan.. Oh kay gaan
Kay sarap mong pagmasdan sa malapitan,
Munti kong kapaligiran
Binigyan mo ng kulay at saysay.

Walang pangakong bibitawan,
Basta’t alam ko, hindi kita iiwan
Pagkat yan ang aking nararamdaman,
At tunay yan kalian man.

Mga araw na nagdaan,
Tila kahapon lang.
Kay sarap pag usapan ang nakaraan mahal,
Mga oras na tayo ay tumatakas,
At ng maka alpas, talo pa ang layas.
Mga baong dahilan,
na umubra naman.

Tanda mo pa mahal?
Bago kita ligawan.
Ako’y dumaan sa sandatahan.
Talo ako ng iyong amang hirang.
Sa kabila,
Ipinagkatiwa ka sakin,
Para ikay mahalin.

Madami pang alala mahal,
At higit pa dyan,
Pahalagahan ang nakaraan,
Sapagkat itoy may aral.
At pananggala sa kasalukuyan.
Ika’y aking kapiling,
kasama ang dalawa nating supling.
Kahit nilaga pang saging ang ating kainin.
Magsislbi nyo akong dingding.

Mahal habang kayo ay saklaw ng aking ilaw,
Magsisilbi nyo akong tanglaw.
Hindi ako nagkamali sa aking napili,
Pagkat hanggang ngayon patuloy kang nanatili.

Ikaw Dakila ang nagsisilbi naming Gabay,
Salamat, Mahal ikay aking karamay,
Naging Patnubay sa paglakbay.
Sa Dagok ng buhay.


April 2019

Wave of life- Lonely flower

Why… why i have to be a Flower

Why does bees love me.. Or Do they really loves me Or they love me. because they needs me.. How important I am?

Why.. Why do you turn me into flower…

Don’t you know how.. How sad i am when you offer me..

Why why i have to be a flower…

I don’t understand why you keep watering me

Why.. are you always kind to me.. I surrendered already.. Why are you like that.. I give up.. stop watering me.. I think i can’t give a flower like i did before.. i cant.. I can’t do it anymore. I am all thorn.. thorn that can hurt you.. just stop watering me and give up already.

April 2019

Wave of life

There are times i couldn’t imagine how hard it is..

You may see me strong physically, but my soul

longing of you

Why i keep protecting others

When i can’t help myself- All i know singing along with my leaves



April 2019


Let’s watch it live.. on April 13, 2019.. Tomorrow!!

Video Credit to Palawan Philippines

Watch LIVE from El Nido


This event will be LIVE on April 13 at 4.45 PM local time (8.45 AM GMT) on www.redbullcliffdiving.comRed Bull TVFacebook & YouTube.

W A R N I N G!!


PS: I do not own this video, i am not either related with the Organiser. I do admire divers and I salute all of them wholeheartedly for their determination and bravery. I share this video to all who loves cliff diving too like i do. Please come and join me.. let’s watch it together live.. 😀 😀 woohhoo.. #hyper

Sober heart ♥

and I cried for random reason,
from different person.

a paradise,
who help and ease me silently.
a calmness and peace,
when i turn into pieces.

who teach me sing and dance..
help me
to heal
my pain
Your thought was in vain.

April 2019

Sun Flower

“In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.”
Kakuzō Okakura,


Balang Araw..

Love Sun flower? ☺

No worries.. I am here to assist!! 😀

Sunshine Farm Philippines

How to get there?

From manila.. ride a bus going to Lucena and drop to Tiaong City Mall.

Sunshine farm is nearby along City Mall. Just walking distance. Fare may vary as of now April 10, 2019 minimum fare is 50php.. Prepare 100php. for entrance fee. 


Don’t ride a tricycle when you are already in Tiaong i suggest you to ask the local first. There are trice-drivers that will offer you a ride to get into a farm.. No to ride.. just walk.. Don’t be fool.  (Ill be honest that some drivers aren’t fair) No worries about food there are a lot of small carenderya out there..  (For those who aren’t picky when it comes on foods. Your 100php is surely winner! ♥ take that from me  ☺ ☺lemme me know  if you are going to visit the farm )

Happy to help!!

Have fun!!

Stay tune for more cheap trips!



Dream of Lies

We made a vow
in a paradise
that love-glow and strong.
those arms hold me tight.
and our soul become one.

the sunrise,
touches my eyes.
I wake up,
I wish not.. I wish I haven’t.. wake up.
I fell.. My eyes turn uncoloured
lips uncaptured.
My heart was tortured.

I been to paradise
that never been to me.
A lie,
It’s a fantasy,
A beautiful fantasy
A beautiful lie
That I’m bout to die.

March 2019

121Words: Passion of Love

When you love someone,
You have to learn,
To let them go.

He may cry at night.
But that’s the thing
He can do right.

When all good has been done.
And nothing happened.
We all became useless
and lifeless.


lead us to better concentration.
that give us determination.

When a
Dejected man
awaken his heart
He will find you.
He will come to you.

A good man will always be
that way..

Even his heart been terrible
With a random vision
of humiliation.

He will stand for you
at your back.
To save you.

Even he let you free
His desire, will
set to fire..

To admire you
and love you freely.
He will be next to you.


March 21, 2019

Mansanas: Tribute to all Volunteers

I’m sharing this photo taken last Janaury 29, 2017 in Dolores.
I write the poem 2 months before the Event.
Happy Reading. Keep Helping. Keep Loving. Keep Praying. Keep fighting.
Ignite the smile.
Photo Credit to Engr. Kap Pong.
My Respective Professor.
Salute this man! ❤
UHP starTed sharing Joy ,Love and Fun from 2014-Present.
UHP Present “The Apple Project”

MANSANAS Continue reading Mansanas: Tribute to all Volunteers


Araw araw ika’y puyat,
Sa pag aarugang maluwat tapat.
Walang iniinda,
Sa lahat ikaw ang bida.

Simpling hiling,
Wala akong narinig na hinaing.
Hwag mo lang syang kokontrahin.
Baka ikay biglang bitayin.

Patuloy na gumagabay,
Kahit ikay napahiwalay.
Habang buhay siya’y karamay.
Nariyan at kaagpay.

Maingay man
Walang katumbas na halaga.
Kundi oras habang kapiling,
at humihinga pa.

Tanging tanglaw.

Bakit ikaw suwail,
Sa tuwing ikay bumabali,
Sya’y napapahikbi,
Sa sarili nyang sandali.


October 1, 2016

121Words: Sinta

Sa bawat pag hikbi.
Ikaw ang ikinukubli.
Iniluluha at Inuunawa.
Sa bawat alaala Hatid nitoy ligaya.
Minsan may sakit na dala.
Na hindi maipinta.

Bakit Kailangna mong lumisan?
Ano ang iyong dahilan?
Wala man lang paalam.
Ni hindi ka nag paramdam.

Ang daya mo.
O ako lang talaga itong si tanga

Ano man ang dahilan,
Hindi ko.. ma itatago na ika’y minsan ko ding minahal.

Sa mga oras na parehas tayong naka ngiti.
Abot ang ligaya sa aking labi.

Naisip ko tuloy..
Makasarili ata ako.
Sana sa pag balik mo.

Makilala mo pa ako.
Sana Sinta.. tulad ng dati.

At damayan.
Sana iyong pag balik.
Makamit ko ang iyong halik.

Tunay at may kulay.



March 19, 2019

121Words: I Juander.

There was a time in my life
I imagine and I ask myself about my What if’s..
What if there is no crime?
Do we need our policemen?
How would people respect them?
How would their job turn?

What if..When there is No Bullying?
No children will going home crying.
And no Mother will gonna fight with a Teacher.

What if there no more Law..
I juander..
How would people do..

If we don’t need a plan..
How would an Engineer build?

What if every one is healthy
No one is sickly..
I juander how our Doctor next to do.

What if there is no more farmer?
What will gonna happen?

Is there any more peace?
I juander.



March 19, 2019

121Words: Fly high

Just a four letter.
But it give us many
thing to consider,
and to be remember.

That we don’t have to be in darkness
When we fall.
because in our home.
We have the light.
That is brighter than any

At home we that father,
Who really care the most than any of your follower.
Don’t forget your brother and sister,
Are also there for you anytime, anywhere.

We failed a thousand times.
For just one dream.
Doesn’t mean we are useless.
Doesn’t mean we are careless.
Doesn’t mean we are clueless.

As dreamer. We fly high.
We aim high.
We work harder.
We run braver.
The bravest,
earn success.
to the fullest.

Don’t surrender.
Have faith.
Fly high.



March 18, 2019

121Words: Timeless

Those days we been together is my precious moments.
 Maybe you may not know it.
 You may not value it..
 You may not remember it.
 You maybe forget about me.
 No not my heart.
 I may get old..
 Not my heart..
 Not my love for you.
 I will cherish it.
 If He will give me another chance..
 I will stand and smile.
 I will fight and love you more.
 Every day.
 Every day.
 Every day.
 I love you.
 Till the end of my day.
 Only you.
 I love the most next to my mom.
 If I could play my guitar all over again.
 I’ll do it.
For you. My Love. 
Till the last minute. I will stand. Still.. For you



March 16, 2019

Your Smile

I guess when i see you the very first time..

I was already hypnotise by you.

Nooo.. I love you already..

Do  you have that style  of smiling?

I’m melting every time I see you..

you  help me secretly brighten up my  day.

ooh boy..

You are that really a thief…

I hope you do slyboots on me..

I’ll welcome you more of my featherbrained.

Love the way you crazily laugh bout my hilarious side,

I wanna kick you back and say.. hey please stay..

I have more story to share and tell..

and i was more surprised

when he say..

I’ll be there with ice cream.

😀 ❤





March 04, 2019



Just Alone

Today as I sit on my chair,
I feel nothing and empty.
There is missing a piece on me.
That could hardly believe in
When I see it by myself,
I hardly denied,
And I cried.

As flower without bee’s.
I feel the loneliness,
The wind just winds me,
I feel it and it hurts.

As much I step on.
I tried too, and
I viewed things,
I could say.
There you go.
Here I Am again.
Did things could be possible,
Happened all over again?
Life could be like this.

I been ignoring it,
I been nothing.
I been far,
I couldn’t feel it.
I couldn’t share it.
I’m just..
A scratch piece.
and being throw somewhere.



July 10, 2017

My Father

I remember when I was a kid,
A seven year old-looks so timid.
Play under the green tree,
Catch and hug so free.
Safer than safe and will,
Pleasure show didn’t tell.

Most beautiful smile I seen,
His sincere heart share and care.
His long and lasting love,
I couldn’t ask above.

I’m glad to have you Daddy,
Give a sip I made you coffee.
He was just smiling and asking,
So?! Anything??
Yes, I have to say something.

Always at your side,
When you feel collide.
Cheer you up-and give you smack
I had respect – I can’t do fight back.

Always on the contrary,
But still give you the right directory.
Put you on grounding and lesson,
I couldn’t move from long sermon.

When you break his rule,
Prepare yourself to look for a safe hole.
Too strict but pure,
Soon you realized its for your own future.

When you have a suitor,
His eyes rolls.
You couldn’t hide,
Can’t speak with lied.
For you he will do anything,
Lay your ears for listening.
You’ll see those what I’m saying,

Bothering is just disturbing.
Look at me,
I am here standing.
For you for real.

Remembering all things he says,
Was the best things leads for your success.
Having a great bonding-Was the happiest,
Priceless and most sweetest.

Now I’m twenty three,
can we still play?
In our favourite place under the green tree?.
Yes, honey-
Remember- I am your tree,
Cover you from rain or any storm!.
I might not be strong by time,
As long as I have you,
Then be my water
Shower me every time.

You can cry still here in my shoulder,
My love for you didn’t become less darling.
I love you- than anything,
You are my world that conquer
Loving you don’t makes me to surrender.

My wrinkles was the sign,
Of my undying love.
Your prince will come and love you
More than I do.
Saving his word in my heart,
Has a frame and hurt.
Already been print
Of things we create.
Through the years-He get old,
I always been glad to be with you.
Together we were get strong,
Loving you Daddy- Each and everyday.


November 02, 2015


I’m falling for you-and i’m not the only one,
I don’t know if the skies sympathy is for me even.
I’m not the only one calling your name,
When I need to talk you.

Rainbows sings and play,
I should dance only on my mind.
But I cried inside when I feel the rain,
It only show deep vain and pain.
Begging you-please be mine,
You become deaf and changing topic.

I want to have you,
Not only today-but
I can’t help myself if I lost you.
Am I talking only for a vain,
I was surprised for this morning!
Such lovely girl seating on couch
Didn’t do anything but waiting for me to come in.



November 18, 2015