Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful. As Almighty gave my parents.

As I see and met different people, that become my friends.

As I touch his miracle every day. As I hear his majesty voice.

As I smell blooming flowers. As I read wonderful books.

As I prayed, and been answered.

As I Travel, As I smile, As I cry, As I laugh.

As I my failure, that become my hopes and will.

Life were always a Miracle.


May 2019

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Kiss Me in the Rain

Make me feel like a child again
let’s dance all over-
under the rain.

Common dance and kiss me
in the rain
make me feel it again

Make me feel the
warmth of innocent touch,
of love we have attached.
join me in my fantasy
under the rain– darling..

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Let me play with you
I wanna see you more closer
and closer..
let the the love grow
let the love shine
I’ll dance with you
as long as you want it too.

Kiss me in the rain
kiss me…

May 2019

Rain Drops

Be like rain..
hard and cold.

Bold and thin.
It’s hard to explain
why i like you that much.

Even i get nothing
in return but pain.

No matter how far you go
when i look up in the sky
You’re with me.
and crying under the rain.

I am good
the way i feel you.
I do mistakes and sin
but i am not the devil either an angel.

May 2019

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

121Words: Not power, It’s you

I know how powerful i am.
That’s why i am not using it.  I use my  strength
to save life.
and to protect life.

I choose you to be my lady,
after this war
I am going to live with you.

I am tired of hearing my friends cry.
Their sorrow, their anxious
jealousy and power.
I don’t like it all.

I am a sinner in their eyes.
before that story i died to trying to save the world of innocents.

I guess i was wrong.
you come
in my darkness
you lighten up my heart
my souls dying to surrender my emptiness.

You save me from falling of darkness
I know it was you.
You wake me.
You save me.


April 2019

Source: Pinterest. Credit to rightful owner

A sing for you

I sing like a bird singing in her nest
longing in your chest.
you put your arms around my waist.
our moment was very best.

I sing in your nest..
while you touch of my face..
I feel the warm and the voice of your chest.

It’s heavenly
and gently
a love that comes away.


April 2019

PS. I do not own the photo. Credit to rightful owner