A little One

I always love birds. Their way of crying inspired a little kid to sing and hide it insideand Brave in the Outside

Birds-are also broken behind wonderful colours. and yet they fly high- to live and freely live.

May 2019

I do not own the photo. Photo source Pinterest


Rain Drops

Be like rain..
hard and cold.

Bold and thin.
It’s hard to explain
why i like you that much.

Even i get nothing
in return but pain.

No matter how far you go
when i look up in the sky
You’re with me.
and crying under the rain.

I am good
the way i feel you.
I do mistakes and sin
but i am not the devil either an angel.

May 2019

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Princess of HYDRANGEAS

I was born with money and power,
but never been loved.
For how long i have to be here
How long do i have to endure
How long i have to be like this..

I went home
all alone
no one see’s me home.
No one welcome me home
is this really home?

I never felt what is love
I never meet a friend
A friend who will talk to me,
laugh with me
cry with me
mocked with me
lay with me under the same sky
under one moon
under the rain
under one roof

What really life is..
I don’t understand it at all
I have everything
Why i am like this
Why i feel nothing at all
I am the most worst people of all.

The Princess of Hydrangeas is lifeless.


May 2019

Photo Source: Pinterest

Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The World by- Big 7 Travel

Filipino accent is sexiest in Asia, 21st in the world-Survey say’s

Big 7 Travel, a content portal on travel and food, described the Filipino as
Gentle and soft, the accents you’ll hear when in the Philippines are simply lovely.

I am blushing.. ❤ 😘 😍. The Filipino accent ranked 21st among the Top 50 sexiest accent all over the world. Next time when you talk to foreigner, don’t feign their accent. We have differently accents. What matter is how we talk politely and nicely. It doesn’t matter at all for me. As long we both understand each others thoughts. That’s my opinions.

According to Big 7 travel, they polled survey from their readers opinions on the World sexiest accent 2019. Here are the list of Top 50 Sexiest accent. Visit. Big 7 Travel for more!!

Visit Big 7 travel for full list.
https://bigseventravel.com/2019/04/top-50-sexiest-accents-in-the-world-2019/?unapproved=1540&moderation-hash=a3259940f076eb950f7ba3c019b82dd6#comment-1540 h