A little bit

I don’t understand you sometimes..
I don’t know where to start.
Shower me of your time.
Maybe just a little bit.


May 2019


A little One

I always love birds. Their way of crying inspired a little kid to sing and hide it insideand Brave in the Outside

Birds-are also broken behind wonderful colours. and yet they fly high- to live and freely live.

May 2019

I do not own the photo. Photo source Pinterest

Rain Drops

Be like rain..
hard and cold.

Bold and thin.
It’s hard to explain
why i like you that much.

Even i get nothing
in return but pain.

No matter how far you go
when i look up in the sky
You’re with me.
and crying under the rain.

I am good
the way i feel you.
I do mistakes and sin
but i am not the devil either an angel.

May 2019

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest