Everyday is Father’s Day

I remember when I was a kid,
A seven year old-looks so timid.
Play under the green tree,
Catch and hug so free.
Safer than safe and will,
Pleasure show didn’t tell.

Most beautiful smile I seen,
His sincere heart share and care.
His long and lasting love,
I couldn’t ask above.

I’m glad to have you Daddy,
Give a sip I made you coffee.
He was just smiling and asking,
So?! Anything??
Yes, I have to say something.

Always at your side,
When you feel collide.
Cheer you up-and give you smack
I had respect – I can’t do fight back.

Always on the contrary,
But still give you the right directory.
Put you on grounding and lesson,
I couldn’t move from long sermon.

When you break his rule,
Prepare yourself to look for a safe hole.
Too strict but pure,
Soon you realised its for your own future.

When you have suitor,
His eyes rolls.
You couldn’t hide,
Can’t speak with lied.
For you he will do anything,
Lay your ears for listening.
You’ll see those what I’m saying,

Bothering is just disturbing.
Look at me,
I am here standing.
For you for real.

Remembering all things he says,
Was the best things leads for your success.
Having a great bonding-Was the happiest,
Priceless and most sweetest.

Now I’m twenty three,
can we still play?
In our favourite place under the green tree?.
Yes, honey-
Remember- I am your tree,
Cover you from rain or any storm!.
I might not be strong by time,
As long as I have you,
Then be my water
Shower me every time.

You can cry still herein with my shoulder,
My love for you didn’t become less darling.
I love you- than anything,
You are my world that conquer
Loving you don’t makes me to surrender.

My wrinkles was the sign,
Of my undying love.
Your prince will come and love you
More than I do.

Saving his word in my heart,
Has a frame and hurt.
Already been print
Of things we create.
Through the years-He get old,
I always been glad to be with you.
Together we were get strong,
Loving you Daddy,

Each and everyday.

November 02, 2015


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UHP: Mansanas- Tribute to all Volunteers

I’m sharing this photo taken last Janaury 29, 2017 in Dolores.
I write the poem 2 months before the Event.
Happy Reading. Keep Helping. Keep Loving. Keep Praying. Keep fighting.
Ignite the smile.
Photo Credit to Engr. Kap Pong.
My Respective Professor.
Salute this man! ❤
UHP starTed sharing Joy ,Love and Fun from 2014-Present.
UHP Present “The Apple Project”

MANSANAS Read more


Araw araw ika’y puyat,
Sa pag aarugang maluwat tapat.
Walang iniinda,
Sa lahat ikaw ang bida.

Simpling hiling,
Wala akong narinig na hinaing.
Hwag mo lang syang kokontrahin.
Baka ikay biglang bitayin.

Patuloy na gumagabay,
Kahit ikay napahiwalay.
Habang buhay siya’y karamay.
Nariyan at kaagpay.

Maingay man
Walang katumbas na halaga.
Kundi oras habang kapiling,
at humihinga.

Tanging tanglaw.

Bakit ikaw suwail,
Sa tuwing ikay bumabali,
Sya’y napapahikbi,
Sa sarili nyang sandali.


October 1, 2016