121Words: Timeless

Those days we been together is my precious moments.
 Maybe you may not know it.
 You may not value it..
 You may not remember it.
 You maybe forget about me.
 No not my heart.
 I may get old..
 Not my heart..
 Not my love for you.
 I will cherish it.
 If He will give me another chance..
 I will stand and smile.
 I will fight and love you more.
 Every day.
 Every day.
 Every day.
 I love you.
 Till the end of my day.
 Only you.
 I love the most next to my mom.
 If I could play my guitar all over again.
 I’ll do it.
For you. My Love. 
Till the last minute. I will stand. Still.. For you



March 16, 2019