Your Smile

I guess when i see you the very first time..

I was already hypnotise by you.

Nooo.. I love you already..

Do  you have that style  of smiling?

I’m melting every time I see you..

you  help me secretly brighten up my  day.

ooh boy..

You are that really a thief…

I hope you do slyboots on me..

I’ll welcome you more of my featherbrained.

Love the way you crazily laugh bout my hilarious side,

I wanna kick you back and say.. hey please stay..

I have more story to share and tell..

and i was more surprised

when he say..

I’ll be there with ice cream.

😀 ❤





March 04, 2019



Better without me?!

Running does’t mean i am hiding..

i am trying

to figure out new thing.

I run.. i do keep running..


i see you smiling..

it give me ideas the other side of


are you that better without me?

ill set you free.

It’s really breaking..



March  02, 2019