MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD – 2nd Nomination 🏅🏆

Second Nomination.. Yaaay.. I really i didn’t expect this coming I would like to Thank Miss Jessica Larsen for my second nomination. I am truly honour. Honestly i really love this.. it reminds me of my high-school days the “slambook”.. I love doing my slambook during that time.. i love reading their thoughts. 😀

Visit Miss Jessica click the link below ↓ She is a truly an artist!,. She is also kind and a good friend to me. Multi-Talented ano pa ba.. That’s my Kababayan!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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For creating this incredible and beautiful award. Thank you again Otoko Enigma!!

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Three Things About Flor:

  1. I am afraid of Dark. Under water only. I am swimmer. Maybe not too good at all. I do dive and love doing cliff diving. But when i am under water and i see rocks that covered with dark.. i use to stop.. I really don’t dive all alone above 30ft. Janaury 29, 2017. We have outreach in Dolores Quezon, We called it Apple project. We bring lots of apple for those kids who haven’t taste yet an Apple. The cave is one of our side-trip. I use to dive in Dolores Quezon to their famous sacred cave in their town. (Not all required to do it) They call it Ina nang Awa Cave(Mother of Pity Cave). I challenge myself, but of course i ask back up for emergency cases.. The cave is very cold inside around 15 degrees approximately.. We use to dive at 6am.. Only 3 person allowed to go inside the door of cave is very small only one person can go inside one by one. I dive fearlessly. the cave is covered with darkness.. and i close my eyes .. i can’t see either when i open it. I survived for the first attempt.. After i dive my whole body slowly shaken.. i thought maybe because of temperature.. I tried again.. Yes.. because i really don’t know why i am afraid of dark..
    I really don’t . When i see it.. there is something randomly playing inside of my mind and i can’t help it. I see it visually.. inside of my imagination. I am a lil brave this time. So i try again. This time I pray wholeheartedly calmly. The pressure is really different. It’s really hard. Because aside that given dark inside. The space is bit challenging. The cave is 50ft inside only candle lighten up the cave. Every volunteer that will give a try to go inside require to pray. That’s their belief and for safety also. and so i am. It takes me 30mins to dive again for second time around my friend are really worried about me.. they told me to stop. But i don’t listened. I still go. I really don’t understand myself that time why.. and where did i get the courage to do it again i can’t remember either. All i know is conquer and embrace my phobia. After praying I dived, this time i open my eyes. I witness how really dark it is. It’s really different from my first attempt. I cried after my second dive. I cried silently. Our guide notice me shaking and heard my cracking voice. Those tears isn’t really fear at all. I was Happy. The Darkness filled with strange feeling it was kind of healing. I don’t feel the fear and doubt that time. The cave has its wonderful stories behind darkness. It heals me. It helps me. The town for me is full of mystery inside.
Click By: Me
Click By: Sir Pong Andaya

Click By: Sir Pong Andaya
Credit to Sir Pong Andaya

Credit to Sir Pong Andaya

2. I sing when i am sad. Sometimes i use to rent the whole room for videoke just to cry. while singing. (Yeah weird but it helps me it feels good) I don’t recommend you to try it. For professional only!! 😛 hahah!!

3. I love beer Q

Best Post:

Answering Jessica Questions

What’s the best fantasy or Scifi movie you’ve ever seen?

*I recently watch John Wick 1 and 2, How to Train your Dragon and Stand by me.

Love or Money? And why?

*Money.. I love to travel… Love will comes maybe soon.. I don’t mind this time. There are many kind of Love. I am a volunteer love is there. But money.. Is really hard to find than love of my life.. hahahah!!! 😀

What’s your ideal lover?

Must know how to pack less. A budgetarian and wise.

Are you willing to travel out to another solar system knowing that you’ll never return to Earth ever again?

Nah. I wont go all alone.

My Questions:

  1. Mom or Dad?

2. What is your favorite holiday? How do you spend it?

3. How do you survive your Math Class? Who is your saviour?

4. What do you buy with your 10-Billion dollar using your first letter of your name?

5. What is your hilarious alibi when you caught by someone else?

My nominees

Miss Steffi

Dr. Perry MakeItUltra™ Psychology

Michael Ogazie

I am not sure either if they wanted too.. but i’m hoping. hehehh!! Powweeer!!




I’m so exited about this nomination for The Mystery Blogger Award!
It means the world to me!, I am very excited for this.. Thank you
For this nomination, Hold yourself my friend.
Thank you so much for your pouring support.

Do you love to read  poem?
Or you simply want read a short vitamins for your mind and soul?

Give a visit.


I enjoy reading his creative writes, hope you find it too.

Special thanks to Okoto Enigma

for creating this incredible and beautiful award.

Good luck to all!
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Put the award logo/image on your blog

List the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well

Tell your readers 3 things about yourself

You have to nominate 10 – 20 people

Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)

Share a link to your best post(s)

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Three things about myself:

1) I am a volunteer.

I love travelling with a purpose. I love seeing kids smiling at me.. and Hugging me.. I love eating their food. 😀 I think their food is better than mine.. so i just use to taste it first for their safety.. 😀

2) I love numbers.

giphy (1)

3) I can play badminton for 4hrs without sub.

4hours maybe a bit long.. Nope that’s just a warm up.. it is really depends if my opponent is really good. We play harder. I join the marathon event. I love trail running. That’s why i can play that long.

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Answering Question:

1-Which has more effect on people, usually: words or actions?

Me: Both


If you experience bullying. Words is cruel and brutal.  It may kill you slowly.  Words has really a big impact to us human. Because I myself can endure the physical pain.


Physically.. It depends, Here is my 2 reason why. Example..
1) If your enemy hurts you physically, that won’t feel hurt, or you won’t feel it hurt. me either..  We can’t feel the pain but EGO.
It will made you angry.. because we seek for revenge. We seek victory. That’s only works for enemy or to person we didn’t know at all that cross our path in a wrong way.

2) This is the worst thing. When your family hurt you physically in a regular basis, That could be more brutal than words.
We tends to turn into rebel.

2-Do you wish to have good dream and nightmares or have neither?


Good dream. ☺  I love smiling when i open my eyes. I could share it with my parents, and friends. I can tell story for a week. with them.. When they enjoy listening extended till one month. HAHAHAH!! 😛 that’s true. till they memorize the whole story of my dream.

3-Which is bad and which is worse (or good to better): big nose or big ears?


Better Big nose.. I mean pointed nose/perfect nose. This is SERVE as an extra point for appearance.. HAHAHAH!!!

4-Algebra or geometry? You can’t say neither.


Both!! I love numbers!!!

giphy (2)

5-Do you accept the action of mercy killing and why (yes or no)?


Yes. I agreed with Euthanasia.  Some people can’t be discipline at all. They violent law for repeatedly.. are they limitless to kill?. . Maybe mercy killing can enlighten us.

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Answering  Lynyo Questions:

1.- Which tool you prefer for creating, heads or hearts?

Me:  Heads.

I can’t be that nice at all. #Practical

2.- Have you ever feel like the world stopped just for a minute? (yes/no) Tell us about


Yes. When i see my crush.. HAHAHAH!! It’s 3minutes you know.. there is aftershock.. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! :p

3.- Do you fear the empty canvas? (Yes/no why?)



If the empty canvas from people i know [personally] it is Yes.
And vice versa.

4.- (Funny) Have you ever eaten so much that you had to unbutton your pants? (yes/no and what)


Yes.. One of my good friends invited to his birthday.. All of foods taste really goods.. so ate too much.. sorry just guilty here..I love eating.. ahhahahhaha!!! 😀

5.- If you could could travel into the outer space, which planet(s) would you like to visit?



I’d like to run with saturn’s ring. 😀


Question 1) Did you talk to your Teacher/Parent/Boss with a high tone? Yes or No?  How do  you feel? Why?

Question 2) Mountain or Beach? Why?

Question 3) What was the funny moments you will never forget during your high school days.. Why?

Question 4) Hot-dog Question:  What do you prefer? King size or Regular? Why?

Question 5) When you screw everything and No one found it was you.  How would you pretend?

My nominees:


Mugilan Raju


New Lune


nicolas ryan brown.

Jason A. Muckley


Indians Abroad Desi Videsh Me

the #1 Itinerary

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