I love MS Paint!

Someone else helped me of my obra.. hahaha! She was intrigue why i keep using paint. when there is a lot of Software for drawing. But i do prefer paint for better practice. While i am busy blending of colour using the MS paint, I don’t know that there is someone just keep watching me behind and finished it while I am just a minute out of my chair!

Aiigoo.. aysssh!! 🙂 You won the spotlight!!

I tell you guys don’t underestimate the power of MS Paint. Try to explore it! There are more useful things from this software. You might be see it as basic. Yes, but if you explore it. You’ll going to love it soon. 🙂

I am thinking of making video tutorial for MS paint. Sadly my laptop is broken. And it’s hard to find spare parts for it because of too old model. Haist!! Hope soon! I love sharing my arts please too soon! Maybe you could recommend me someone has stock for it.? Please. Back cover for T440 for 14″

PS. Please take care always!! Stay safe everyone and sending prayers also!- Flor