Motivation of the day

I am not perfect.

I say stupid and talk non-sense things. Sometimes, I cried when i am not supposed to. I laugh when i am not supposed to.

I am a little crazy. And I think that i can’t change it. My life will be uncoloured without my craziness. I’ll be incomplete.

I was been broken. I have scars from people i love the most. That scars neither help me or made me sad, afraid- lonesome.

But at the end of the day. Those scars helps me grow and fight.

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I am not always kind either mean.. but

Once i like someone.

I do it with a heart.

May 2019


121Words: Fly high

Just a four letter.
But it give us many
thing to consider,
and to be remember.

That we don’t have to be in darkness
When we fall.
because in our home.
We have the light.
That is brighter than any

At home we that father,
Who really care the most than any of your follower.
Don’t forget your brother and sister,
Are also there for you anytime, anywhere.

We failed a thousand times.
For just one dream.
Doesn’t mean we are useless.
Doesn’t mean we are careless.
Doesn’t mean we are clueless.

As dreamer. We fly high.
We aim high.
We work harder.
We run braver.
The bravest,
earn success.
to the fullest.

Don’t surrender.
Have faith.
Fly high.



March 18, 2019