“I always love watching your smile
your shape,
your perfect curve that mesmerize me.
I always adore your fascinating colours
that lighten up my eyes, my heart and my souls.
I don’t know what kind of dinosaur i am
I don’t just wanted to touch you.
What i mean is to be with you.



April 2019


121Words: I Juander.

There was a time in my life
I imagine and I ask myself about my What if’s..
What if there is no crime?
Do we need our policemen?
How would people respect them?
How would their job turn?

What if..When there is No Bullying?
No children will going home crying.
And no Mother will gonna fight with a Teacher.

What if there no more Law..
I juander..
How would people do..

If we don’t need a plan..
How would an Engineer build?

What if every one is healthy
No one is sickly..
I juander how our Doctor next to do.

What if there is no more farmer?
What will gonna happen?

Is there any more peace?
I juander.



March 19, 2019

121Words: Timeless

Those days we been together is my precious moments.
 Maybe you may not know it.
 You may not value it..
 You may not remember it.
 You maybe forget about me.
 No not my heart.
 I may get old..
 Not my heart..
 Not my love for you.
 I will cherish it.
 If He will give me another chance..
 I will stand and smile.
 I will fight and love you more.
 Every day.
 Every day.
 Every day.
 I love you.
 Till the end of my day.
 Only you.
 I love the most next to my mom.
 If I could play my guitar all over again.
 I’ll do it.
For you. My Love. 
Till the last minute. I will stand. Still.. For you



March 16, 2019