121Words: Missing Star 🌟 💫 ✨

Behind moonlight
Tonight were all alone tonight
There will no moments
No Tickling.
No laughing.

There will be no you tonight.
There will be no moments.
Inside this empty room,
It only reminds me of you.
I didn’t know when this sorrow ends.
Maybe tonight.

Tonight. No lights tonight.
My saddened moments,
Running tears.
OH Dear. Come back tonight.
I can’t hold it all alone
Without you tonight.

Tonight when the moonlight
Touches my face,
It only reminds me of you.

There will be no star.
I’m the moon surrounded with darkness
Without star tonight.

There will be no moments.
All of the saddened.
There will be no you.
I’m dying tonight.
Baby come back home tonight.
Save me tonight.



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121Words: Journey within

Model: Flor ☺
Click by: Jaymar O

Travelling is not always pretty,
We have to dig and pray.

In every way there is always difficulties,
sometime we can see it.. within the beauties.

We can sense it within our camaraderie.
That’s how sad it is to be.

In every step we take,
has it cause.
In every click
has it wink.

In every smile we share,
There is pain.
Hidden within.

In every journey has it story.
Story, either we ask not to be..

After the rain has come.
the sun will come.

No matter how hard it is.
Find your spirit.
We have to step up and more.

Step one more.
Smile one more.
Turn one more.

Travelling teach us to be
Be a good man.

March 2019

Click by: Raffy Javier

Model: Flor ☺
Click by: Jaymar O
Enhance by: Flor

121Words: Passion of Love

When you love someone,
You have to learn,
To let them go.

He may cry at night.
But that’s the thing
He can do right.

When all good has been done.
And nothing happened.
We all became useless
and lifeless.


lead us to better concentration.
that give us determination.

When a
Dejected man
awaken his heart
He will find you.
He will come to you.

A good man will always be
that way..

Even his heart been terrible
With a random vision
of humiliation.

He will stand for you
at your back.
To save you.

Even he let you free
His desire, will
set to fire..

To admire you
and love you freely.
He will be next to you.


March 21, 2019