Pandemic Poem: Healing Hospital

When I open my eyes, it feels different

Every day is incoherent.

This is the reality,

The beginning of the journey.  

We are all scared, unprotected and become timid.

Vivid power of faith and unity crossed the world beliefs.

Everyone comes inside and pray.

And get connected with the family.  

Bravery is not the absence of pain, but the action in face of fears.

Trust God even when life doesn’t make sense.

Life sometimes is cruel, and playful.

We use to laugh, cries, dance, and drink at limelight under the full moon and tearful.

F. Macararanga © June 08, 2020

Science and Technology: Shortfilm

I made a short film with the theme Continuing Economic Growth and Innovation for Development of our Environment. If you have any comment and suggestions please come! ❤ this is my very first video on youtube.. aiyaaa.. 🙂 enjoy watching!

Please keep safe everyone and stay healthy!! ❤

Little Maid

I used the song well, to tell you in my heart sister book maniac, who can answer the question in my heart.

You have flowers which blooms and fade, the frost, the rain. How can i forget?. You look silence. Do you like young master? Do you?

You have flower which bloom and fade.

Ill wait for you.

I will always look for you

 Could you wait? Hoping to hear the words you say.

(c) May 13, 2020