Good morning Friends! I haven’t post poem for a while..and i do envy of my friends poem. They are all beautiful and good reads.  I am really been very busy.. Guess what.. I send back myself to school yes.. 5years after I graduated i did not imagine that studying in college will be free in the future. (here in the Philippines). Of course a millions thanks to Mr. President. Rodrigo Roa Duterte

I am also encouraging my friends here. to send back yourself to school. why not. It’s totally Free!!! Here is the full list.
List of Universities and Colleges with Free Tuition

 Click the link ♫ . I am studying while working. full time student.. full time worker= Hagardo verzosa…  Make sure to pass the entrance exam. List of Universities and Colleges are very strict to their policy. 

Don’t mind how old you are.. matter is we can still have knowledge not too late yeah?!!

Isa lang masasabi ko ang so-swerte ng mga studyante ngayon. Sempre ako din. Sana ikaw din- Mag aral ka ulit! ❤ 


  1. Dismissal from your Previous School. Certificate that you are dismissed already. (This is for transferee) 
  2. Original copy of TOR
  3.  GWA. not your gowa.. 😛 What is GWA? This is your General weight average.  (Make sure atleast you have 2.0 flat or  85 up!  Why? If you can’t reach it. You can’t choose your desire course.  They will surely approach you and allowed you to enrolled. but with other course that’s suit your GWA. Not bad.  But if you insist to choose your desire course make sure you have atleast 2.0 grade. 
  4. Good moral

PS: Make sure to complete all the requirements. Incomplete will not be assist. Why? Because there’s a lot of student who still wants to studies. They will prioritise those student who are complete requirements. Come early po. Sobrang haba ng pilaa. (It applies to all po)

Also check.. scholarship offered by SM College Scholarship SM Foundation

Have a Blessed day everyone. Hope that link will help you too!!!



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