The Healer once appeared on a day
When everything was clearer than black
Delighting dreams of a childhood
Carefully embedded with voices of the land
Flowing through painted shells of creatures
Filled with tears of happiness,
From a charmed land, miserably born to
With tarnished dreams and efforts of belonging
Stripped unto a strong and tight,
But narrow back
Confronted by fear, responsibility and failure.
Childhood dreams,
Were blessed and forwarded
By enormous trailing conflict, strengthening
A body owned through decades of the land.
Words meant to be wise, provided by the Healer
Contradicted happiness
Enthralling innumerable probabilities
Rhyming in blood filled heads of the land
Abandoning known lives
Following freed spirits, roaming the land.
Expectations of the Healer, seized,
Rejuvenating boundless spirits

Exhumed from Orgasmic Sinister, available in your favorite store and library, in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

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