Dying inside

It’s funny how i thought
I walked  on through with a broken heart.
I tried to get you out of my mind.. but nothing though..

Can you please come back and wake me up!
I don’t want this kind of nightmare.
Help me up..
Ohh baby help me up!

Even if i know you shouldn’t be.. I am like a fool..
Please save me
I just can’t fight it..
Alone..oohh baby please save me..

I guess i need to hold on
So please come back.
I want you back..
Oohh baby.. please save me.

Wake me up!
Hold me up!

June 2019

From Pinterest. I do not own the Photo



Don’t panic

Your heart can’t be broken

That’s why lies are words unspoken

That’s why I am so erratic

Don’t get mad

Your soul won’t be sad

Take the colors to feel the shape of grace

Let the sunlight glow in your face

Infinite maze, do not fear

Love is always near

You will be lucky to feel it fully

Let your inner self ignite brightly…

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