Play with Lex

Hi there!!

How are you guys? Hope ya all doing well!!.. for now i can’t share poem.. just very very busy of being busy..    but still i always have time for playing.. lels!!😂

I always enjoy playing board game.. who are you guys currently playing this game called… Lexulous

If you wanted to try and play with me.. Please don’t look for global status Top 1,000 Best Player 😂 But soon that is my target. Looking for a best real player. 

Been playing for a year now.(Lexulous) But i started playing this with my parents called scrabble rumble at my age of 14. 

I am addicted with board games playing face to face.  (words and numbers only) I can’t play chess. Sorry. 

But i know how to move the knight and tower 😂

I get my revenge to my aunt..  She never win against me. Di naman sa pag yayabang pero parang ganun na nga 😂…. 

Show me your best move!!

You can find me with user name TitaNgbikol

No WordGen Please!

I also love damath.. But i can’t see best app for this.. when my relative/friends hangouts at home we use to play this game.