Motivation of the day

I am not perfect.

I say stupid and talk non-sense things. Sometimes, I cried when i am not supposed to. I laugh when i am not supposed to.

I am a little crazy. And I think that i can’t change it. My life will be uncoloured without my craziness. I’ll be incomplete.

I was been broken. I have scars from people i love the most. That scars neither help me or made me sad, afraid- lonesome.

But at the end of the day. Those scars helps me grow and fight.

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I am not always kind either mean.. but

Once i like someone.

I do it with a heart.

May 2019

John Wick 3

I really love Keanu Reeves. I just watch his movie John Wick 3. Yesterday May 19, 2019.

What all i can say.. is that bring me CHAPTER FOUR. It was really good. The actions, the lines of each character and fight scene is really indeed perfect.

Good job!! It was all complete packaged! Kudos to all!! ❤ <3.

Be kind to Animals Or else, Wick will come to you.. Not just Wick . but Sofia too!! 😂😂

Do you have a Favourite Fictional character (John wick)? May i know?

I love Charon (Lance Reddict) He always save wick and his eyes!! ahhaha!! it brings funny sides of him 😂

Choose below ❤ If not listed, would you mind to tell me who?

Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne

Sofia (Halle Berry)

Winston (Ian McShane)

Tick Tock Man Jason Mantzoukas

The Adjudicator ( Asia Kate Dillon)

The Director (Angela Huston)

Ares (Ruby Rose)

Zero ( Mark Dacascos)

The Administrator ( Robin Taylor)

Mr Wick (Keanu Reeves)

If you want peace. Prepare for a war. WINSTON

There are reasons why i love this saga very much.

1st I agreed with Wick. “It wasn’t just a puppy”. It was the very last gift from his wife Helen.

2nd. Wick is very professional. and I admire him portraying his character!

3rd. The suit’s (So attractive and looks manly and descent)

4th. New Allies and Enemy.

5th. Remarkable Lines

6th. The Rules

7th. The Power

8th. The set up(Locations, fight, materials.. etc..)

9th. The twist of the story

10th. I am a fan of action movies like this

11th. All cast are fun

12th. Dogs

13th. It wasn’t just an action. But full of actions.

14th. Boogeyman stunts

15th. Tattoos

They are all dedicated. That’s why i highly recommend you to watch it in a Big Screen.