Bring Kindness in Humanity

Don’t look down of your friend just because you already quit the place you are working together before, You don’t know their reason. Yet they they understand your reasons. Don’t be too much proud because you left all the bullshit before. Remember, We all have one way under the same sky.

You maybe left them.. But in their little way they work harder and smarter, than you do. It’s just the environment who changed them. Who wake up them, and realized things for better- not their ego.

And doesn’t mean, you are in better place- everything will be alright. Not that easy. though.. Life is about living. Smile a little way to carry yourself. Cry a little more when you needed. Stop running when you are tired. Or maybe walk to keep you moving. Don’t stop.

Don’t judge other because you are at the top. Be happy for all winners. Don’t be jealous. Because you don’t know what they lost in their falling seasons. You don’t know what they surrender during winter seasons. Spring is their reward. Congratulate and be Happy for them. Wait for your perfect season. Pray. Be Glad. Be Humble. Be Human.


May 2019

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest