Hospital Home

We shared stories about the places .
While I’m still Listening,
Smiling at him.

He started looking at me.
While gently, touching my face,
As he combs my curly hair.
You grow up well darling. 
With us. 

As your Surrounding.
I do love the guidance.
As our first dance.
You taught me.
Of Everything.
That I can only bring.
and Acceptance.
Surrender and be

How was your ride?
You didn’t hurt that much right?
He didn’t continue to talk,
At a moment, Falling tears,
Make us freeze, 
And we embrace, My heart breaks.

How can I Accept?
I become Weak. 
Again you show Love,
Those eyes,
Looking through.
Our last minute, is it?

He tap my shoulder,
Don’t Cry Little Darling,
I’m not yet Dying.
But when I fall,
There are sick people,
Enduring their pain,
Yet they are strong, So I am.

I become dumbfounded.
I play my hands over his head,
A way to comfort
And prayed.

He’s still smiling with tears.
Even heaven hears,
And they gave us rains.

Rains, that tell everything.
And enduring my own

Ohh Heaven,
Please Listen,
Those tears, Falling.

Fill with tender and loving,
But suddenly,
This is our ending.

I beg,
Please light him,
On his way.

© May 2019

Photo source: Pinterest