A sing for you

I sing like a bird singing in her nest
longing in your chest.
you put your arms around my waist.
our moment was very best.

I sing in your nest..
while you touch of my face..
I feel the warm and the voice of your chest.

It’s heavenly
and gently
a love that comes away.


April 2019

PS. I do not own the photo. Credit to rightful owner

Welcome to Albay

Albay is my home town,.I would like you to share  how beautiful it is. scroll down ☺


Mt. Mayon During Eruption

Mt. Mayon became active again last January 14, 2018.

This photo taken during our outreach event in Albay . February 24-26, 2018.

Sleeping Rock Formation-Dog

This dog rock shape can be found in  Maonon Ligao Albay.  Quite far from the cities. It takes 5-6hours. to get here.  But since i am local in there i know most of the shortcut ways. That’s the advantage of local. 🙂   It takes only 30mins for me to get there using my bike. Yeepp.. just bike.. ☺

Dog Shape Rock-Bikol

I don’t know how old this Madre Cacao standing behind me. I am 28 years old. and the Madre Cacao is still there! Flowers blooms comes every April. Located in Imacuto Oas Albay


Don’t visit Bicol with the Following dates please refer below

December 24-25 Special Non-Working days- Christmas day.
January 01
February 14
February 25 People Power
April 09 Day of Valor
April Holy week
May 01 Labor Day
June 12 Independence Day
August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day
Ausgust 26- National Heroes Day.
November 01-02 All Saints Day

If you are planning to visit Sitio Imacuto.. Please.. I myself..telling you Just Enjoy your day there. People there are kind. Be responsible traveller. That would be more help.

Those dates are holidays here, if you are planning to visit Bicol, avoid those dates. If you want a perfect moments.