Wave of life- Lonely flower

Why… why i have to be a Flower

Why does bees love me.. Or Do they really loves me Or they love me. because they needs me.. How important I am?

Why.. Why do you turn me into flower…

Don’t you know how.. How sad i am when you offer me..

Why why i have to be a flower…

I don’t understand why you keep watering me

Why.. are you always kind to me.. I surrendered already.. Why are you like that.. I give up.. stop watering me.. I think i can’t give a flower like i did before.. i cant.. I can’t do it anymore. I am all thorn.. thorn that can hurt you.. just stop watering me and give up already.

April 2019

Wave of life

There are times i couldn’t imagine how hard it is..

You may see me strong physically, but my soul

longing of you

Why i keep protecting others

When i can’t help myself- All i know singing along with my leaves



April 2019