Iโ€™m so exited about this nomination for The Mystery Blogger Award!
It means the world to me!, I am very excited for this.. Thank you
For this nomination, Hold yourself my friend.
Thank you so much for your pouring support.

Do you love to read  poem?
Or you simply want read a short vitamins for your mind and soul?

Give a visit.


I enjoy reading his creative writes, hope you find it too.

Special thanks to Okoto Enigma

for creating this incredible and beautiful award.

Good luck to all!
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Three things about myself:

1) I am a volunteer.

I love travelling with a purpose. I love seeing kids smiling at me.. and Hugging me.. I love eating their food. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think their food is better than mine.. so i just use to taste it first for their safety.. ๐Ÿ˜€

2) I love numbers.

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3) I can play badminton for 4hrs without sub.

4hours maybe a bit long.. Nope that’s just a warm up.. it is really depends if my opponent is really good. We play harder. I join the marathon event. I love trail running. That’s why i can play that long.

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Answering Question:

1-Which has more effect on people, usually: words or actions?

Me: Both


If you experience bullying. Words is cruel and brutal.  It may kill you slowly.  Words has really a big impact to us human. Because I myself can endure the physical pain.


Physically.. It depends, Here is my 2 reason why. Example..
1) If your enemy hurts you physically, that won’t feel hurt, or you won’t feel it hurt. me either..  We can’t feel the pain but EGO.
It will made you angry.. because we seek for revenge. We seek victory. That’s only works for enemy or to person we didn’t know at all that cross our path in a wrong way.

2) This is the worst thing. When your family hurt you physically in a regular basis, That could be more brutal than words.
We tends to turn into rebel.

2-Do you wish to have good dream and nightmares or have neither?


Good dream. โ˜บ  I love smiling when i open my eyes. I could share it with my parents, and friends. I can tell story for a week. with them.. When they enjoy listening extended till one month. HAHAHAH!! ๐Ÿ˜› that’s true. till they memorize the whole story of my dream.

3-Which is bad and which is worse (or good to better): big nose or big ears?


Better Big nose.. I mean pointed nose/perfect nose. This is SERVE as an extra point for appearance.. HAHAHAH!!!

4-Algebra or geometry? You canโ€™t say neither.


Both!! I love numbers!!!

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5-Do you accept the action of mercy killing and why (yes or no)?


Yes. I agreed with Euthanasia.  Some people can’t be discipline at all. They violent law for repeatedly.. are they limitless to kill?. . Maybe mercy killing can enlighten us.

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Answering  Lynyo Questions:

1.- Which tool you prefer for creating, heads or hearts?

Me:  Heads.

I can’t be that nice at all. #Practical

2.- Have you ever feel like the world stopped just for a minute? (yes/no) Tell us about


Yes. When i see my crush.. HAHAHAH!! It’s 3minutes you know.. there is aftershock.. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! :p

3.- Do you fear the empty canvas? (Yes/no why?)



If the empty canvas from people i know [personally] it is Yes.
And vice versa.

4.- (Funny) Have you ever eaten so much that you had to unbutton your pants? (yes/no and what)


Yes.. One of my good friends invited to his birthday.. All of foods taste really goods.. so ate too much.. sorry just guilty here..I love eating.. ahhahahhaha!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

5.- If you could could travel into the outer space, which planet(s) would you like to visit?



I’d like to run with saturn’s ring. ๐Ÿ˜€


Question 1) Did you talk to your Teacher/Parent/Boss with a high tone? Yes or No?  How do  you feel? Why?

Question 2) Mountain or Beach? Why?

Question 3) What was the funny moments you will never forget during your high school days.. Why?

Question 4) Hot-dog Question:  What do you prefer? King size or Regular? Why?

Question 5) When you screw everything and No one found it was you.  How would you pretend?

My nominees:


Mugilan Raju


New Lune


nicolas ryan brown.

Jason A. Muckley


Indians Abroad Desi Videsh Me

the #1 Itinerary

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